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RuralFinds is a one-person operation offering unique and vintage lace, linens, pottery, cutlery and collectibles.
Each item is located at one of two locations in the USA and Canada, and it is available for sale when the seller is in town.

Antique Lace Honiton Appliques Inserts Handmade White Flowers Wedding Costume

Here are 4 handmade Engish Honiton Bobbin lace appliques. The antique Honiton bobbin lace appliques inserts features: flower & leaf, tiny ring circles motif. The antique lace appliques inserts are pre-used & were originally used on a English Ed... (more)

Vintage Ecru Napkins Pink Green Embroidered Flower Leaf Set

Here is a set of four vintage linen napkins featuring an embroidered pink flower & green leaf pattern in one of the corners of each napkin. Vintage Linen Napkin Measurement: 18" x 17" Color: Pale Ecru The vintage linen napkins are in very g... (more)

Antique Booths Platter Serving Plate DOVEDALE A8044 Imari Pattern Oval 14"

This is an antique oval 14" platter serving plate in the Booths Dovedale Imari A8044 pattern. Measurement of the antique Booths Dovedale platter serving plate: 14" x 11" approx. The antique Imari pattern Booths Dovedale platter serving plate ... (more)

Coffee Mug Sandwich Plate 2 piece Gift Set Inscription Verse for Mother

Here is a lovely 2 piece Mug and Sandwich Plate just perfect for gift giving. The mug has a beautiful sentiment inscription for Mothers - On the outside of the mug it reads "A Mother's love is the greatest gift of all". The coffee mug has a p... (more)

ANTIQUE Silverplate Cake Pie Forks Set of 6 EHH Smith Royal Oak pattern

Here are 6 antique silverplate cake pie forks dating to 1906. Silverplate identification book accredited to Royal Oak 1906 by National - E.H.H. Smith Silver Co. Antique Silverplate Cake Pie Forks Measurement: 6 1/8" long Back of the antique si... (more)

Vintage Russian Box Black Lacquer Signed Hand Painted Russia Landscape Scene

This is a vintage Russian hand painted & signed lacquer box featuring a landscape scene. Lacquer Box Measurement: 6 1/8" length, 4 3/8" wide, height 1 7/8". Landscape scene: Background - mountain range. The mountains are painted in soft pink... (more)

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