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KHATYN BELARUS Memorial Handmade Wood Box Souvenir

KHATYN BELARUS Memorial Handmade Wood Box Souvenir  (COL-33)

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Here is a Russian memorial souvenir for desk display or wall plaque display.

It is a handmade wood box container that is holding dirt/soil. The soil is held in place under a plastic plate. A wood design has been cut into the wood and it reads KHATIN and above it is a bell design. The wood box is self contained by that, it doesn't open. It has a decorative wood design around the four sides.

Khatyn is the location of the Memorial.

This is in memory of The Katyn Forest Massacre of numerous Polish and Belarussian who were massacred near Smolensk, Russia (WWII).

Measurements: 2 1/2" wide 4 2/8" long, depth 1/2". My father-in-law brought this memorial souvenir back from one of his trip to Russia. The condition is excellent I saw no damage. There is reside of a small adhesive tag which was used to hang up this memorial souvenir.

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