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Ancient Armenian Miniature illuminations L. A. Dournova 1952 Illustrated Russian

Ancient Armenian Miniature illuminations L. A. Dournova 1952 Illustrated Russian (COL-61)

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This is a rare book entitled Ancient Armenian Miniature by L.A. Dournova, dated Yerevan 1952. The book is in Armenian and Russian. There are 10 pages of text. The text is in Russian and Armenian.

There are 60 pages of full page colour plates (protected with tissue) of examples from the 10th through 17th-century Armenian illuminations selected from the Matenadaran collection. I believe that this book is a 1st edition.

It is published based on materials the state picture gallery of Armenian SSR (this was information that I translated). The book is quite large 19" x 16". There is an introduction at the beginning of the book in Armenian and Russian with history of the Armenian illumination and notes on the plates

At the back of the book is several pages which looks like an index in Russian and Armenian.

Condition of the book: Fair condition with these notations. Dust Jacket has a water stain at the bottom with some tears to the dust jacket at the top and mainly the bottom edges. The dust jacket is heavily sun-stained.

The book front cover is in good condition with faults. There is a small water stain at the bottom edge of the front book. cover. The 4 corner edges are chipped with rubbings. The top and bottom right edges show the most wear chipping marks. There is a slight lift to the book cover at the bottom edge and at the bottom edge of the paper, the pages have a curve to them when looking and holding the book on its side.

Regarding the inside pages, there is wrinkling to the pages which is close to the page edge that would be bound. This is most evident at the beginning of the book and less evident further through the book. The inside text pages are slightly sun stained while the full page colour plates are bright. The interior pages are clean with no notations. The Old Armenian Miniature [Drevnearmianskaia Miniatura] Dournovo, Lidia A. Council of Ministers of the Armenian SSR, Yerevan, 1952. Art-historical text including detailed descriptions of 60 manuscript illustrations from the 10th through 17th centuries.

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