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LENIN Desk Plate Wall Plaque 1960's RUSSIAN USSR COMMUNIST LEADER (COL-62) Here is a portrait BAS RELIEF of Lenin. The face portrait of the soviet leader was etched on a metal material that has a reflective glass side to it. The wall plaque or desktop plate is quite heavy (820 grams) and is 8" round in diameter.

The provenance of this piece is that it was presented to my father in law, who was a Canadian communist writer. The full name and details are on the reverse side as well as the date of May 60 when this piece was given.

Condition: good vintage pre-owned condition. There are numerous small surface scratches on the glass mirror which can be seen slightly in the photograph. There are two areas of up and down surface scratches and are both to the right of Lenin's ear (approx. 1" in length 1/2" wide. 1/2" in length 1/4" wide). The reverse side of the glass mirror has numerous scratches. There is discoloration marks to the reverse side of the glass, primarily at the bottom.

An adhesive strip remains on the reverse side which is what was used to hang the Lenin Etching portrait on the wall. I will leave it to the buyer to decide if they want to remove/replace it for hanging.

990 grams

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