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Vintage Lacquer Box Russian Figural Man Woman Kholui Soviet Russia

Vintage Lacquer Box Russian Figural Man Woman Kholui Soviet Russia (COL-63)

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This is a vintage Russian lacquer box which is artist signed & numbered.

Lacquer box Measurement: 5 2/8" length, 3 6/8" wide, height 1 5/8".

Signed & Numbered: Signed at the far right village name translates to KHOLUI.

The lacquer box has a number 111. At the lower left hand side are several words & the artist name.

Hand Painted Scene: romantic courting couple. The man is holding flowers and a mandolin and she is sitting on a bench holding a flower in her hand. It is night and the crescent moon is in the background. In the background are trees and flowers.

The lacquer box is likely from the 1960's as I was able to find a similar box from this time period.

The lacquer box is beautifully decorated with a gold trim around the edges of the box & the bottom edges of the box.

Inside the box is a red lacquer color with hinges so that the box opens and closes.

Condition: Good pre-owned vintage condition with some small faults.

There is a chip to the paint & the paint is missing creating a tiny hole to the painted image. Located to the left of the crescent moon (see photo 2 and 3 that show this chipped missing paint).

The rest of the outside of the box is in very good condition. The inside of the box is also in very good condition.

The bottom of the lacquer box has numerous light surface scratch marks consistent with shelf table wearing.

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