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Vintage Lacquer Box Russian Soviet Signed USSR Kremlin Spasskaya Tower

Vintage Lacquer Box Russian Soviet Signed USSR Kremlin Spasskaya Tower (COL-64)

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This is a Russian Fedoskino lacquer box of the Spasskaya Tower Moscow Kremlin. The lacquer box is dated 1963.

Lacquer Box Measurement: 4 1/8" length, 4 3/8" wide, height 2".

The lacquer box is signed at the lower bottom of the circular image with the artist's name, village name and a number.

The hand painted colour tones are soft and warm like the morning light. It is beautifully decorated with gold details around the edges and center of the miniature.

The foreground shows the Spasskaya Tower and the edge of the Moscow Kremlin wall building. The landscape scene's background image is of clouds and the sky.

The box is made of high quality papier mache.

Russian Lacquer Box Condition: Inside the box is a red lacquer colour with hinges so that the box opens and closes. The lacquer box is in excellent condition in my opinion. There is one tiny wear mark on the outside of the lacquer box (see photo). Light scratching on the bottom consistent with normal light shelf wear. The lacquer box has a padded box to protect it. The padded box has soviet pin written on the outside of the padded box. 465 grams

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