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HEART Pendant Purple NECKLACE Keepsake Message 9" length cord Fashion Jewellery

HEART Pendant Purple NECKLACE Keepsake Message 9" length cord Fashion Jewellery (GIF-58)

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Here is a pretty 3/4" heart pendant. It has been cast in white metal, colored with a durable enamel coating, and crystallized with 13 chatons.

This Heart Pendant Necklace is threaded with a Matching Satin Cord and is made by Expressions from the Heart, Nearer my Heart collection.

The heart pendant necklace is presented in a lovely heart shaped keepsake cardboard box. A gift perfect for any day that you want to let someone know that they are loved. Inscribed on the inside of the keepsake box is this beautiful message. “Some things we know to be true without saying, without thinking. It's like that with you and me. I'm in your heart; you're in mine, always. Every now and then, though, it's nice to hear it, nice to say it, nice to know it, one more time. So let this little heart embrace you like one of a thousand little hugs that's warmed us and know that no matter where I am or how far away we may be, you are nearer my heart than two people can be”.

The length of the satin cord is 9”. The necklace is handcrafted in the U.S.A. PLEASE READ CONDITION: The heart pendant necklace is new however the necklace is "as is". Upon removing the necklace from its box to take photos, I noticed that there is a manufacturers defect. There is a tiny speck of white that is showing at the very bottom of the heart where the purple color enamel is missing. For this reason, I have reduced the price. 120 grams-

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