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Antique French Sheet Cutwork Monogram B P Richelieu Linen Metis White 85" x 134"

Antique French Sheet Cutwork Monogram B P Richelieu Linen Metis White 85" x 134" (L&T-296)

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This is a 1900's antique French linen bed sheet which has a hand embroidered script monogram of B P & Richelieu cutwork.

The antique French linen bed sheet features Richelieu cutwork, pulled threadwork, hand done embroidered work B P monogram

Antique French Linen Sheet Measurement: 134" x 85".

Antique French Linen Sheet: Circa early 1900's.

Purchased from France

Antique French Linen Sheet Color: Off white

Material: Metis Linen & Cotton Weight is 3 pounds (1430 grams).

The linen bed sheet features elaborate embroidery Richelieu cutwork all along the wide turn down section of the sheet as well as a beautiful script monogram with the letters B P.

The turn down area features scallop edges along the bottom and the side relief area.

The workmanship and detailing is lovely and there are various embroidery techniques of cutwork and pulled threadwork in the floral flower and basket design along the relief section of the bed sheet.

The work looks to be handmade embroidered cutwork using white embroidery floss along the turn down area of the sheet.

There is a 3/4" hem at the end and it is hand stitched. There is a tiny number F42 in stamped red ink. On the scallop bottom right corner there in a red embroidered number of 719 in the linen. This dates back to a time that linens were numbered to keep track of the linen inventory.

CONDITION: The sheet is in very good pre-owned condition. I saw no obvious faults. Some stray threads in the cutwork and a tiny speck of a rust mark near the B of the monogram initial.

The bed sheet is in ďas found condition" in that I have not cleaned the bed sheet and will leave this for the buyer to complete.

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