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Antique French Sheet Linen Embroidered Lace Edging Monogram B C 94"

Antique French Sheet Linen Embroidered Lace Edging Monogram B C 94" (L&T-298)

Quantity in Stock: 1     RuralFinds Item: L&T-298

This is an antique cream French linen dowry sheet with an Art Deco hand embroidered B C monogram & a handmade crochet lace edging.

Antique French Sheet Measurement: 94" x 115" approx.

Antique French Sheet Embroidered area: thick padded satin stitch monogram Art Deco style embroidery work.

Each of the hand embroidered Art Deco letters is 2" wide x 4 1/2" high. The entire monogram hand embroidered area is 7" x 7 1/2".

Antique French Sheet Handmade Crochet Lace Edging: The handmade crochet work is along the bottom edge and up the 2 sides edges. I believe that the return up the sides is approximately 30". The hem at the end of the antique French linen sheet is 2/8" & has been hand hemmed.

Antique French Linen Bed sheet condition: I would say that the antique French bed sheet condition is very good. The antique French linen sheet is in "as found" condition. There are several age storage yellowing marks on the antique French sheet & a small dark stain near the lace edging. The antique French linen sheet will need a overnight soak in a biological washing powder prior to its first wash. I have taken a few photos to show some of this yellowing however it has not shown up well in the photos.

Antique French Linen Bed Sheet Weight medium to heavier weight 1290 grams (2.8 pounds).

Color: Cream (please see photo which shows the bedspread beside a white sheet of paper).

1350 grams

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