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Antique Lace Placemat French Normandy Embroidered Whitework Table DoilyTray Mat

Antique Lace Placemat French Normandy Embroidered Whitework Table DoilyTray Mat (L&T-336)

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This is a detailed antique embroidered lace placemat / table tray mat featuring a whitework embroidered design.

Table Placemat measurement: 16" x 10"

The placematís embroidered area have thick satin stitch embroidery work in a flower and leaf motif. This is followed with 2" strips of machine bobbin lace between the net panels.

This same 2" bobbin lace strip is around the four outside edges of the table placemat. I believe that this is machine done lace.

The placemat is done in a patchwork fashion and the technique is that of French Normandy Lace work.

The table place mat is filled with beautiful strips of laces throughout. These lace pieces have been been sewed together with extremely tiny hand stitching.

The lace placemat is from the 1900ís Ė 1920ís.

Color: Pale ecru. (see photos)

Condition: The table placemat is in very good condition. I saw no obvious faults or wear to the table placemat other than a tiny pin hole (see photo).

No smells with no obvious stains.

The placemat is in "as is condition" in that I have not washed it and will leave this for the buyer to complete.

The table placemat doily would also look lovely as a framed wall display. The lace work and embroidery work would also be a beautiful center for a boudoir pillow.

The lace description is just my opinion based on what I've seen in books and the looking at the photos of the placemat. Please consider that I am not an expert with laces. Please use the photos provided as your guide

30 grams, Code K,

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