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Antique Lace Tablecloth Linen 12 Napkins Needlelace Reticella Pointe De Venise

Antique Lace Tablecloth Linen 12 Napkins Needlelace Reticella Pointe De Venise (L&T-343)

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This is an antique Italian linen and lace tablecloth with 12 dinner napkins featuring hand embroidered work & Pointe De Venise Reticella needle lace.

Such as: needle lace images of love birds, clusters of small birds, flowers & hearts & hand embroidered work.

Antique Linen & Figural Pointe De Venise Needle lace Tablecloth Measurement: 93" x 62"

Antique Linen & Figural Pointe De Venise Needle lace Dinner Napkin Measurement: 19" x 19" - Set of 12

Antique Tablecloth Embroidered work: On the top of the antique tablecloth is hand done embroidered work.

Antique Tablecloth Figural Pointe De Venise Needle lace: Very detailed needlelace work on the top of the tablecloth & which drapes down in the corners. In each draping side corner, there is further needle lace work as well as along the bottom 4 edges.

Antique Napkins Needle lace: The set of 12 napkins have a needle lace edging around the 4 edges of the napkin as well as embroidery work and Reticella needle lace work in one corner.

The antique linen tablecloth is a light weight linen with the needle lace work on the antique tablecloth being a heavier weight.

The matching antique dinner table napkins are also a light weight linen with a heavier weight for the needle lace.

The color of the antique tablecloth and the antique napkin set is a light cream color for the linen with the needle lace work an ecru color.

Antique Embroidered Linen and Lace Tablecloth Condition: Overall, the antique linen and lace tablecloth is in excellent pre-owned condition.

I saw no obvious wear, rips stains with the antique tablecloth and antique napkin set.

Upon close examination, I saw 1 tiny break to the needle lace and a very tiny beginning wear hole which will only require a few stitches to reinforce the spot. This is where the linen attaches to the needle lace (see last photo).

There are 2 tiny dot brown stains in the center linen panel. There is 1 small storage brown mark on 1 of the napkins.

4 of the antique napkins are a darker shade just indicating that they were used less than the others. The other antique napkins look clean however are a little wrinkled.

This is likely a tablecloth set that was rarely used and has been put away for a long time as there is a faint storage scent. The entire set (tablecloth and napkins) should be washed before use.

The antique linen and lace table set has a hand made treasured heirloom look to the table linen set.

Please note: This item will be mailed to include insurance. No in/care of and no forwarding address please, must be confirmed address. Thank you.

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