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Antique Linen Sheet Monogram V S French Cotton Metis Crochet Lace Edging White

Antique Linen Sheet Monogram V S French Cotton Metis Crochet Lace Edging White (L&T-349)

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This Metis Linen Cotton Mix French sheet has skilled hand crochet border edging & hand embroidered workmanship.

Antique French Metis Linen Cotton Mix Bed Sheet Measurement: 89" x 134" approx.

Antique French Metis Linen Cotton Mix sheet Info: Heavy weight: 3.8 pound.

The sheet looks to be Metis which has both cotton & linen fibers.

This heavy large antique bed sheet features both a double V S monogram & a hand crocheted border edging. The embroidered area has an large ornate raised padded satin stitch monogram with a tiny flower and leaf pattern intertwined among the 2 letters of the turn down area of the sheet.

The double Script V S monogram initials are quite lovely and the workmanship shows both a thick raised padded stitch. Intertwined in the initial monograms are hand done embroidered detailed flower and leaf motifs. Below the monogram is a row of jour ladder work (drawnwork thread). This is followed with a beautiful hand made crocheted 2" border edging that runs the width of the sheet at the bottom turn down area. The hem at the end of the sheet is 3/4" and has been hand hemmed.

Material: Linen Cotton Mix

Color: Off white I have taken a photo of the sheet along side a white piece of paper. Please see the last photo which shows the bed sheet along side a white piece of paper.

The antique Linen Cotton Mix French bed sheet has a large 5" double VS monogram. Each Monogram Measurement: 5" x 3 1/2" (approx. including embroidery flowers). Together the monogrammed space equals 5" x 8 1/2".

Antique Linen Cotton Mix Bed sheet condition: I would say that the bed sheet condition is in very good pre-owned condition with a couple of tiny repairable faults.

There have been 2 tiny repairs to the crochet work at the far right of the sheet. One of the repairs needs to be improved as there are a few threads sticking up and some threads thinning to the crochet work where it attaches to the linen. A dry cleaner will be able to do the repairs. The buyer may wish to also redo the tiny crochet repair again as it was done with a different color thread. Please see the photos which show the repairs. The repairs are at 15" and 19" from the far right hand edge.

There is a slight fragrance scent. I can see 2 tiny stains on the sheet that are extremely light (see photo).

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