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Antique TABLECLOTH LINEN French White MONOGRAM A T Embroidered Pulled Threadwork

Antique TABLECLOTH LINEN French White MONOGRAM A T Embroidered Pulled Threadwork (L&T-382)

Quantity in Stock: 1     RuralFinds Item: L&T-382

Here is a antique French linen tablecloth featuring pulled threadwork & a A T monogram.

The pulled threadwork has numerous rows of hand done pulled threadwork techniques around the 4 sides of the antique tablecloth.

The antique French tablecloth's 2 double A T embroidered monograms are in the center area of the tablecloth.

On the antique French tablecloth, each monogram is 3 high & 3 wide. Together the space of the initial and between the initials is 3 high x 7 wide.

Antique Linen French Tablecloth Measurement: 78 x 73 (close to being square)

Fabric: Linen. Color: White

Antique Linen Square French Tablecloth Condition: There is some damage to the pulled thread work. The wear is to the ladderwork in which there are broken threads or missing threads. Sometimes it is a single broken thread however sometimes it is a cluster of threads. Some of this can be improved and the threads strengthened with thread & needle mends by a professional/dry cleaners sewing person. Please view the photos.

For the purpose of the photos the table in the photo measures 31 wide and 64 long. You can see from the photos where the ladderwork appears on the antique French tablecloth. If your table dimensions are different the ladderwork placement will change.

The tablecloth looks clean however there is 1 tiny golden mark near one of the monograms.

, 750 grams

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