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Antique Tapestry Floor Runner Wall Display Panel Plush Red FLOWERS 48"

Antique Tapestry Floor Runner Wall Display Panel Plush Red FLOWERS 48" (L&T-385)

Quantity in Stock: 1     RuralFinds Item: L&T-385

Here is a colorful vibrant antique vintage tapestry floor runner.

Antique Vintage Tapestry Floor Rug Runner Measurements: 48" x 49"

This tapestry floor rug runner is a soft plush fabric with a velvet like nap. When you run your hand across it against the nap it goes to a darker shade.

The antique vintage tapestry could be used as a floor rug runner in a low traffic area.

Also, it would be an amazing wall display with the appropriate hanging rods.

Antique Vintage Tapestry Rug Runner Condition: Please read so that you are knowledgeable about the condition of this pre-owned/used item.

The tapestry is in good pre-owned condition with some faults.

On the antique vintage tapestry there is a small circular bare spot to the velvet pile. It is approximately the size of a pencil eraser & is likely a cigarette burn.

Photos are showing some small wear to the red plush beside the circular band.

The fringe was removed and there are tiny holes from where the fringe was punched through. The table runner tapestry's 4 edges will need to be turned under and stitched to reinforce the panel.

In the center red area on 1 side, there is some darker shading to the plush. It does not look as smooth as the rest of the table runner tapestry and looks against the nap.

There are a couple of fold lines that have created a dark shade line. I do not know if steaming these darkened areas will improve the look however I will leave this for the buyer to complete.

When packaging for mailing, the table runner tapestry will be folded to keep the cost of shipping low. By folding the tapestry this will create creases in the table cover tapestry. The buyer will need to steam the tapestry to remove these fold lines.

, 950 grams

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