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Vintage Italian Tapestry Figural Panel Dancers Ball MASQUERADE Women Men

Vintage Italian Tapestry Figural Panel Dancers Ball MASQUERADE Women Men (L&T-431)

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This vintage Italian woven tapestry features a fabulous view of a romantic masquerade scene with ladies and gentlemen.

The vintage tapestry scene is at night and is called "Night Scene". There is a partial paper label that gives the name of the vintage tapestry & Made in Italy on the reverse side (see photo).

Vintage Italian Tapestry Measurement 38" X 38"

In the center area is a masqueraded dancing couple in a courtyard. At their feet are a couple of thrown roses. The couple is serenaded by a musician playing a instrument. At the left side of the tapestry a lady is observing the dancing man and lady.

In the background of the tapestry in the center area is a statue of a male. To the left are a series of buildings and a decorated gazebo to the far right. At both of the top edges of the tapestry are flowers displays.

The vintage tapestry would add a wonderful decorator touch to any room. The vintage tapestry has lovely bright colors and is nicely woven.

The vintage tapestry is in very good condition with no obvious issues. When looking closely, at the black background area there appear to be tiny white dots. At first glance I thought these were fluff marks however they did not lift when I applied scotch tape. These are into the fabric.

This vintage tapestry would look lovely on a table as a runner, framed or hung as a wall display. It could also be re-purposed to upholster a bench.

, 480 grams

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