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Vintage Rug Wool Runner Mat 3' x 2' Geometric 42" x 23" approx.

Vintage Rug Wool Runner Mat 3' x 2' Geometric 42" x 23" approx. (L&T-459) Here is an antique vintage wool rug runner mat. The antique vintage rug has a geometric design throughout the rug.

The antique vintage runner rug is finished off with a fringe at each end. I have taken photographs of the reverse side of the rug and believe that it is hand knotted. Please use the photographs as your guide.

Antique Vintage Rug Measurements: 42" x 23"

The origin of the small rug is unknown to me.

Antique Vintage Rug Condition: Overall the antique vintage rug looks to be in good pre-owned condition. I saw no obvious problems to the overall area of the antique vintage rug excluding the fringe area.

The fringe is in good condition however it does have a few faults.

There is a small portion of the fringe that is damaged on both sides as well as missing fringe on 1 side (see photos).

The damaged area looks like it could be repaired.

At the end of the fringe there is a small wear area to the fringe that needs to be repaired (see photo). There is also a small section that has some shortened fringe (see photo).

The antique vintage rug would benefit from a cleaning as it has been stored away and has a storage scent to it. The vintage rug will be folded for packing to fit into the priority box.

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