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Antique Italian Pillow Layover Shams Cutwork Figural Embroidered Angel Man Woman

Antique Italian Pillow Layover Shams Cutwork Figural Embroidered Angel Man Woman (L&T-531)

Quantity in Stock: 1     RuralFinds Item: L&T-531

This set of 2 Italian antique pillow layover shams features skilled hand embroidered cutwork & figural images of angels cupids & a man & woman.

There is also an elaborate flower design around the 4 edges of the antique pillow layover sham.

Antique Italian Pillow Layover Sham Measurement: 38 1/2" x 29 1/2" approx. Set of 2

A pillow layover sham cloth sits on top of an existing pillow. The pillow cover sham layover is a single flat piece of cloth which does not have a backing for a pillow to slide into it. Other uses for these lovely embroidered panels would be a small window coverings or table cover cloths to display your treasures.

Color: Creamy White & White. Please see the photo which shows the 2 shades of the pillow layover. 1 is a white & the other pillow layover sham is a creamy white color (indicating that it was used less).

Material: cotton (see photos showing the fibers.

Condition: As the white antique pillow layover sham was used more it has many tiny broken brides. I have marked the obvious ones (9 that I saw) however there may be more that I did not see. The creamy white antique pillow layover sham has a few tiny broken brides as it was used less.

I have washed and press the antique pillow layover shams so they are ready for your use. Please review the photos and zoom in on the closeups. Thank you.

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