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Antique Vintage Tablecloth 12 Napkins Linen Cyprus Figural Needle Lace Reticella Shepherds Goats

Antique Vintage Tablecloth 12 Napkins Linen Cyprus Figural Needle Lace Reticella Shepherds Goats (L&T-618)

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Here is a gorgeous antique vintage linen and lace tablecloth which features beautiful Reticella needle lace inserts, hand done embroidery work and cutwork.

There are 12 matching napkins that feature embroidery work and a needle lace edging

I was told that this antique vintage tablecloth is from the island of Cyprus. The figural needle lace men are shepherds, dressed in the traditional vrakka costume, that depicts them as shepherds and they are caring for their sheep/goats.

The Venetians once ruled over the island of Cyprus and taught the women how to do the Italian lace. They have carried on the tradition for many many years.

The antique vintage linen tablecloth has an elaborate 6" deep hand made Reticella figural needle lace design in the center panel on the top of the tablecloth.

In the border on the top of the tablecloth there are needle lace men and deer or dogs motifs and well as Reticella needle lace wheels and flowers designs.

Throughout the top of the tablecloth and the sides of the tablecloth is very detailed fine hand done embroidery, cutwork, tiny Reticella needle lace techniques in different shapes and satin stitch embroidery work.

There is a detailed Reticella needle lace wheel pattern at the bottom border of the tablecloth.

The tablecloth is a fine light weight linen with the needle lace work a heavier weight.

Tablecloth Measurement: 102" x 65 1/2" Napkin Measurement: 20" x 19" approx.

Color: Linen Light Pale Ecru Reticella Needle lace work: Dark Ecru

Material: Light Weight Linen

Tablecloth Condition: The tablecloth and 12 napkins set are in excellent condition.

I saw a pale golden mark and a couple faint storage spots. The tablecloth and napkins will need to be washed to freshen the table line set. There is a faint storage scent and this has likely been stored away for a long time.

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