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Antique Napkins Heraldic Double Headed Eagles Crowns Damask Linen White Monogram

Antique Napkins Heraldic Double Headed Eagles Crowns Damask Linen White Monogram (L&T-739)

Quantity in Stock: 1     RuralFinds Item: L&T-739

Here are 11 antique linen napkins with a 4 sided damask pink border depicting figural double headed eagles and roosters wearing crowns.

The antique napkins also have been embroidered by hand in white work and edged with a red thread featuring a raised red and white monogram in the intitals R L.

The pink border around the 4 sides of the napkin has repeated images of roosters wearing a crown. The double headed eagles each wear a crown with a center crown and a tiny cross.

In researching the symbols I came across several heraldic coat of arms that were Russian or Greek, possibly Greek Orthodox.

While I purchased these from France I don't this that they are French in origin although the rooster could resemble the Gallic rooster (le coq gaulois) which is an unofficial nation symbol of France.

Antique Napkin Measurement: 33" x 27" approx.

Antique Napkins Set Condition: Excellent. Table ready. They have been washed and pressed.

The antique linen napkin set is without holes, rust marks, or obvious stains and are not thinning.

There may be a few light traces of marks as the antique linen napkin set folds were dirty from being stored away. As the napkins are washed these will fade even more.

The pink border color is darker on a few of the napkins indicating less use than the others (see 1st photo for comparison).

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