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Vintage Lace Trim Cream Edging 4 yards x 2" 1960's Leaf Buds

Vintage Lace Trim Cream Edging 4 yards x 2" 1960's Leaf Buds (LAC-107)

Quantity in Stock: 1     RuralFinds Item: LAC-107

This vintage 1960ís lace trim edging has a detailed leaves & buds pattern. The leaf design is at the top and bottom edge with the buds in the center area and is 2" wide.

Measurement: 4 yards x 2". Quantity: 1

The color of the lace is a cream shade of color. See photo. When washed the color will lighten. Please note: This lace has a few age storage discoloration marks at the outer edges where the lace wraps around the cardboard. It is suggested that the lace be washed before use.

Material: Cotton Blend (I believe). There are no markings on the cardboard to indicate the fiber content. The lace is a medium weight.

The original cardboard was Korde Fabric Trademark Samuel Ehrman Co. Embroideries Laces - Nets - Novelties N.Y.C.

There is no cardboard included with any of the lace purchases on this listing. This is because there is only 1 piece of cardboard and there are many quantities of available lace.

The vintage trim is in "as found condition" in that I have not washed it and will leave this for the buyer to complete. The trim has never been used and ready for your imagination!

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