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Antique Victorian Mourning Black Cape Capelet Mantle Silk ribbon Chenille glass beads

Antique Victorian Mourning Black Cape Capelet Mantle Silk ribbon Chenille glass beads (LAC-269)

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This is a black Victorian mantle / short cape capelet. This antique Victorian mourning black mantle cape capelet features silk chenille tassels and beading.

The antique black cape capelet is constructed of delicate silk ribbons on the interior which is woven into a lattice pattern along with soft chenille ribbons. The antique black cape capelet is embellished with shiny glass beads that are arranged in a scalloped pattern. High neck line. The collar is chenille and the fringe at the front opening & bottom edge are also strands of chenille.

There is a hook and eye closure at the top of the neck. The neck measurement of the antique Victorian mourning cape caplet is 14". At the shoulders it is 16" approximate from 1 side to the other.

The antique Victorian mourning cape capelet is 13" deep and is 44" from side to side at the bottom edge. There is no sizing tag but I would say that it is would best suit a small to medium build.

Age: Late Victorian era, circa 1880 - 1900

Antique Victorian mourning Black Cape Capelet Condition: The antique Victorian black cape capelet is in fair to good wearable condition. There is some small tangling of the silk chinelle fringe ribbons as well as stray threads. There are some missing silk chinelle ribbons to the front and back lower fringe.

The beading is still stable and intact with only about half a dozen of the scallops missing.

There is a slight age storage scent and I will leave the cleaning for the buyer to complete. , 360 grams

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