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Antique Handmade Bobbin Lace Trim White Linen

Antique Handmade Bobbin Lace Trim White Linen  (LAC-80)

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This is a antique handmade bobbin lace edging trim featuring a lace design throughout the lace trim.

Measurement Length: 2 yards x 2 2/8". Color: Bone Off White (see photos). Material: Linen (I believe). This is a nice quality and feels soft to the touch. Condition: Very good condition. I saw no obvious faults. Within the lace length there is a small section that shows the threads as being a bit thinner than the rest of the length of lace (see photos). The lace trim looks clean. I have not washed the lace trim.

55 grams, 3 oz. ,

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