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Antique Silverplate ADAM Carving Fork Spoons teaspoons tablespoons Dinner Knives Forks Community

Antique Silverplate ADAM Carving Fork Spoons teaspoons tablespoons Dinner Knives Forks Community (SIL-418)

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Here is a 19 pc set of antique silverplate in the ADAM (1917) pattern by Community Plate Oneida. There are 2 Dinner Knives, 6 teaspoons, 3 oval tablespoons, 3 salad forks (show in 2nd photo) & 3 serving spoons a cream ladle & carving fork.

Antique Silverplate Dinner Knife Measurement: 9 1/2", Antique Silverplate Teaspoon measurement: 6 2/8", Antique Silverplate Salad Fork Measurement: 6 1/4", The salad/dessert fork is 6 1/4", Antique Oval Tablespoon Measurement: 7 1/4", Antique Silverplate Serving Spoon Measurement: 8 2/8", cream ladle 6" & Carving Fork 9".

Antique Silverplate Adam Dinner Knives Condition: Good condition. There are surface marks on the blades normal with use.

Serving Spoons Teaspoons Tablespoons Condition: Good condition with some light surface scratch marks to the set. 1 teaspoon and 1 table spoon have a dot of pitting in the bowl area,1 table spoon has several tiny cut marks on the reverse side. The teaspoons back bowl area has a faint line of wear at the point where the spoon rests on a surface. One teaspoon has a small dot of silverplate heel wear (see photo). The serving spoons are in fair condition with some scratch marks to the cartouche area on a couple of the spoons.

Antique Silverplate Salad Forks Condition: The salad forks are also in good pre-owned condition with surface marks normal with use. No heel marks or monograms.

Antique Silverplate Adam Carving Fork & Cream Ladle Condition: The cream ladle is in very good condition. The antique silverplate carving fork is in fair condition with wear to the silverplate tine area on the front and the back of the tines. (see photo) - 865 grams

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