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Vintage Russian Box Black Lacquer Signed Hand Painted Russia Landscape Scene

This is a vintage Russian hand painted & signed lacquer box featuring a landscape scene. Lacquer Box Measurement: 6 1/8" length, 4 3/8" wide, height 1 7/8". Landscape scene: Background - mountain range. The mountains are painted in soft pink... (more)

Vintage Lacquer Box Russian Soviet Signed USSR Kremlin Spasskaya Tower

This is a Russian Fedoskino lacquer box of the Spasskaya Tower Moscow Kremlin. The lacquer box is dated 1963. Lacquer Box Measurement: 4 1/8" length, 4 3/8" wide, height 2". The lacquer box is signed at the lower bottom of the circular image wi... (more)

Vintage Lacquer Box Russian Figural Man Woman Kholui Soviet Russia

This is a vintage Russian lacquer box which is artist signed & numbered. Lacquer box Measurement: 5 2/8" length, 3 6/8" wide, height 1 5/8". Signed & Numbered: Signed at the far right village name translates to KHOLUI. The lacquer box has... (more)


Here is a portrait BAS RELIEF of Lenin. The face portrait of the soviet leader was etched on a metal material that has a reflective glass side to it. The wall plaque or desktop plate is quite heavy (820 grams) and is 8" round in diameter. The pro... (more)

Ancient Armenian Miniature illuminations L. A. Dournova 1952 Illustrated Russian

This is a rare book entitled Ancient Armenian Miniature by L.A. Dournova, dated Yerevan 1952. The book is in Armenian and Russian. There are 10 pages of text. The text is in Russian and Armenian. There are 60 pages of full page colour plates (... (more)

Information Bulletin Magazines - Embassy Of The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics Vol IV 1944

USSR Information Bulletins Magazines 1944 Lot of 66 booklets - The Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the USA – COLD WAR RUSSIAN CULTURE This bulletin LOT listing is a partial collection of Information Bulletin issues of 7 months... (more)

Information Bulletin Magazines - 1945 VOL V USSR Embassy Of The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics

USSR Information Bulletins Magazines 1945 Lot of 109 booklets/The Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the USA – COLD WAR RUSSIAN CULTURE Information Bulletin Embassy Of The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics  This listing is a... (more)

MOSQUES & MAUSOLEUMS Architecture Book Tombs, Domes, Minaret

The book features architectural mosques and mausoleums located in the USSR. The hardcover book is profusely illustrated with photos 137 in total, mostly in colour/some black and white. The text I believe is Arabic or Persian. There are capti... (more)

The First Man in Space, Yuri Gagarin's Historic First Venture Into Cosmic Space & RECORD

The First Man in Space, The Record of Yuri Gagarin's Historic First Venture Into Cosmic Space. A Collection of Translations from Soviet Press Reports. Crosscurrents Press, NY, 1961. This is a soft cover book in very good condition. The co... (more)

ALBUM OF REVOLUTIONARY RUSSIA 1917-1919 copyright by the Russian Socialist Federation

ALBUM OF REVOLUTIONARY RUSSIA 1917-1919 This is scarce hardcover oblong filio album of revolutionary Russia 1917-1919. There are 48 pages of black and white plates of Russian leaders, demonstrations, uprisings, military, councils, Red Guard. The ... (more)

Information Bulletin Magazines - 1946 VOL VI AND USSR INFORMATIONS BULLETINS

USSR Information Bulletins Magazines 1946 Lot The Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the USA – COLD WAR RUSSIAN CULTURE This bulletin LOT listing is a partial collection of Information Bulletin issues of the year 1946.  In this s... (more)

KHOKHLOMA Vintage Russian LACQUER Cups Bowls Hand Painted folk art

Here are 6 vintage hand painted folk art Russian KHOKHLOMA LACQUER dishes.     This collection consisting of 3 cups, 2 small bowls and a spoon.  The pattern on the cups are leaves and berries.  The two small bowls have another different leaf and ber... (more)

BRYANSK desk MEDAL on stand RUSSIAN Soldier 1945 - 1975

Here is a Russian BRYANSK medal on a metal stand. This desk medal is to commorate the 30th anniversary of victory over Germany. On the front side of the medal are three soldiers, one is holding a rifle, one is holding a bayonet, and one is in the b... (more)

RUSSIAN Metal wall plaque Piotr Klodt MAN & HORSE LENINGRAD

This is a decorative Russian vintage wall plaque plate engraved with the words LENINGRAD ANICHKOV MOST. It is from my father-in-laws collection of RUSSIAN/SOVIET pieces. In the center is the image of a man and horse - the horse tamer statue by P... (more)

KHATYN BELARUS Memorial Handmade Wood Box Souvenir

Here is a Russian memorial souvenir for desk display or wall plaque display. It is a handmade wood box container that is holding dirt/soil. The soil is held in place under a plastic plate. A wood design has been cut into the wood and it reads KHA... (more)

Lucite RUSSIAN Desk Plaque WAR MONUMENT Volgograd Stalingrad battle

Here is a lucite desk plaque of a war monument for the Stalingrad battle. The soldier holds a gun across his chest and holds a hammer in his other hand. The lucite commemorative has the word VOLGOGRAD (previously Stalingrad) etched at the base o... (more)

Writer MAXIM M GORKY DESK PLAQUE Soviet Russian Sokolov

Here is a BAS RELIEF of Aleksei Maksimovich Peshkov (Maxim Gorky) 1868-1936). Maxim Gorky was a famous Russian writer. Some of his works include The Lower Depths, The Mother, My Childhood, In the World, My Universities and The Artamov Business. ... (more)

Vintage Russian lacquer wall Plate Hand Painted Flowers

Here are 2 vintage Russian lacquer wall hanging plates. The hand painted plates have a base colour of a deep dark black lacquer. The artist has hand-painted several flowers on the plates that resemble opened peonies along with other flowers that ... (more)

Uzbekistan Figurines Traditional Clay Handmade Hand Painted Folk Art Uzbek

These vintage clay figurines are handmade and hand painted Folk Art Uzbek figures. They are dressed in traditional clothing. These pieces are from Uzbekistan which was once a Soviet state but culturally is more like Afghanistan or Kazakhstan. I be... (more)

Vintage Russian Lacquer Box Lenin Soviet Political Leader Signed 1952 Fedoskino

This is a vintage Russian lacquer box from 1952 which has a portrait of Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin, Soviet Political Leader. This lacquer box belonged to my father-in-law. The lacquer box is dated 1952 and marked with the village name fedoskino in th... (more)


Here is a silver coin from Czechoslovakia. The front of the silver coin has a face portrait of Klement Gottwald. the dates 1921-1951. celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Communist Party. The coin has been stored in its presentation box. ... (more)

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