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Antique Vintage Sewing Bag Embroidered Society Silk Embroidery Handmade Handbag Tote Purse

This OOAK antique vintage sewing bag is handmade & hand embroidered. The antique vintage handbag was likely used as a sewing bag to hold embroidery threads & notions. The antique vintage sewing handbag measurements are: 10 width (across the bag)... (more)

Antique Piano Shawl Embroidered Eyelet Fringed Blue

This is a pretty antique embroidered cotton antique/vintage fringed shawl. The antique piano shawl / tablecloth features an embroidered eyelet design throughout the shawl along with a deep deep fringe. The piano shawl is a heavy cotton weight fabr... (more)

Vintage Wool SHAWL Scarf Square 39" Flower Floral Pattern and tassels

Here is a vintage square 39 shawl head scarf which features a floral pink flowers pattern. Around the 4 corners of the scarf is a tassel edging. Measurement: 39" x 39" (approx.) Condition: The shawl looks to have been well cared. I saw no obv... (more)

Antique Victorian Mourning Black Cape Capelet Mantle Silk ribbon Chenille glass beads

This is a black Victorian mantle / short cape capelet. This antique Victorian mourning black mantle cape capelet features silk chenille tassels and beading. The antique black cape capelet is constructed of delicate silk ribbons on the interior w... (more)

Antique Embroidered Silk Shawl Cream Fringed Edge

This is an antique embroidered silk fringed shawl. The antique silk shawl features an embroidered flower design at the top left and the bottom right of the antique silk shawl. The antique silk shawl has a cream fringe around the 4 sides of the s... (more)

Antique Vintage Lace Handkerchief Holder Doily French Normandy Embroidered Whitework

This antique vintage lace handkerchief holder doily features French Normandy embroidered whitework and pieced lace. The antique lace handkerchief holder doily has 1 side that lifts & is attached to a linen backing. Antique Lace Handkerchief Hol... (more)

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