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Antique Lace Honiton Appliques Inserts Handmade White Flowers Wedding Costume

Here are 4 handmade Engish Honiton Bobbin lace appliques. The antique Honiton bobbin lace appliques inserts features: flower & leaf, tiny ring circles motif. The antique lace appliques inserts are pre-used & were originally used on a English Ed... (more)

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Needle Lace Doilies Appliques Handmade Antique Vintage Figural Angel Table Mat

Here is a set of 2 antique vintage handmade needle lace appliques or table doilies. Antique Vintage Needle Lace Appliques Table Doilies Measurement: 8 2/8" x 8 2/8" The cream antique needle lace appliques table doilies features a figural Grecian... (more)

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Antique Applique Doily Cupid Angel Cream Needle lace Figural Italian Venise Mat

Here is an antique Italian handmade lace applique or table doily Napperon mat. The handmade venise needle lace applique doily napperon features figural angel cherubs & flower design. Antique Italian Needlelace Venise Applique Doily Measurement: 1... (more)

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Antique Handmade Needle Lace Applique Figural Table Doily French Napperon Flowers

Here is an antique French hand made lace applique or table doily napperon. The hand made needle lace applique doily features a figural flower design. Antique French Lace Applique Doily Measurement: 5 3/8" x 5 1/2". Doily Color: white Antique... (more)

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Antique Lace Applique Needlelace Insert Trim Table Doily Figural Lady Angel

Here is an antique lace trim applique featuring handmade needle lace. The antique lace trim applique has a figural Grecian lady Angel. The figural lady angel holds a musical tambourine in her hands & at her feet is a urn or pot. Antique Lace Trim... (more)

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Antique Black Beaded Appliques Trim French Sequins Bugle Beads Wheat Stocks Bow

This is a 2 pc set of antique net French black beaded trim appliques with a wheat stocks & ribbon bow motif. The wheat stock is made up of black sequins & bugle beads & the ribbon bow is a soft silk material with a sequin outline. Measurement:... (more)

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Antique Lace Trim Applique Inserts Handmade Filet Net Figural Griffin Lion Angel 6 pc

Antique lace trim appliques inserts Filet Net Measurement: are 4 6/8" x 4 6/8" (approx). Antique Lace Trim Applique Inserts Filet Net Condition: Overall, excellent condition. Color: Ivory... (more)

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Antique Appliques Trim 3 pc Handmade Embroidered Linen Panel Inserts Figural Filet Lace

Here iare 3 antique handmade applique trim linen panel inserts. The applique trim inserts feature figural knotted filet lace. 1 panel is of an figural archer with a bow and arrow. Surrounding the center filet lace figural are narrow linen white... (more)

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Antique Handmade Lace Trim Figural Applique Insert Man walking Rooster Bird Knotted Filet

Antique handmade figural knotted filet applique lace trim inserts depicts a man walking, rooster, bird figurals as well. The square handmade knotted filet lace trim applique insert Measurement: 7" x 7" approx. Antique Filet Lace Lace Trim Appl... (more)

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5 pc Handmade Knotted Filet Lace Trim Appliques Inserts

Here are 5 antique handmade figural knotted filet lace trim applique inserts depicts lions, swans and a bird. The square handmade knotted filet lace trim appliques inserts are 3 2/8" x 3 2/8" (approx). Antique Handmade Figural Filet Lace Appliq... (more)

Antique Lace Trims 4 Applique Inserts Cream Flower and Leaf 8 1/2"

Set of 4 antique lace applique insert trim edgings. The antique lace applique features: a flower and leaf pattern. Antique Lace Applique Measurement: 8 1/2" x 5" Color: Cream (see photos). Material: Unknown to me. Perhaps linen however c... (more)

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