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Antique French Handmade Richelieu Lace Cutwork Placemat Doily Tray Cloth Angels Cherubs

The antique French placemat doily tray cloth has a handmade Richelieu lace cut work lace center of angels cherubs, flowers with a lovely lace edge around the 4 sides. A lovely piece of work, done by hand. Antique Handmade French Richelieu Lace ... (more)

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Antique Lace Doilies Handmade Patchwork Table Doily Set

Here are 5 handmade antique net lace table doilies that have been created on net from small pieces of different types of laces. Some of the handmade laces features bobbin lace, Brussels Duchess lace, needlerun embroidery and whitework. Some of ... (more)

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Antique Vintage Handmade Lace Doily Ecru Dresser Boudoir Table Mat

This is an antique vintage handmade crochet lace doily dresser boudoir table mat featuring a wheat ear & filet lace crochet pattern. Antique Vintage Handmade Crochet Lace Doily dresser boudoir table mat Measurement: 20" x 9 1/2" Antique Vintage... (more)

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Antique Lace Placemat French Normandy Embroidered Whitework Table DoilyTray Mat

This is a detailed antique embroidered lace placemat / table tray mat featuring a whitework embroidered design. Table Placemat measurement: 16" x 10" The placematís embroidered area have thick satin stitch embroidery work in a flower and leaf mot... (more)

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Antique Lace Doily Table Dresser Handmade Italian Tray Runner Placemat St Mark Crest

This antique Italian lace doily table dresser scarf tray placemat features embroidered whitework and handmade filet lace work. In addition, the antique lace doily table dresser tray runner has a unique figural lion with wings holding a sword (Lion of... (more)

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Antique Handmade Lace Placemat Table Doily Pieced Laces 1900's Ecru Boudoir Mat

A ecru lace placemat filled with handmade lace work. Circa 1900's. The antique lace placemat features: 3 tape lace flowers & tiny ring needle lace fillings, tambour & embroidery lace work, raised cord threadwork. The antique lace placemat ha... (more)

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