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Antique Doilies Embroidered Linen White Cutwork Table Doily Coaster Mats

These are 7 antique vintage doilies table doily coasters mats which feature pretty embroidered work. There are 4 large round table doilies and 3 small table doily coasters mats. These antique vintage doilies features embroidery work and tiny se... (more)

Vintage Bobbin Lace Doilies Handmade Table Mats Off White 5 pc Set

Here are 5 vintage handmade table doilies which feature a bobbin lace circular design on a braided net ground. Vintage Handmade Table Doily Measurement: 8" x 8" Vintage Handmade Table Doilies Condition: Overall very good condition. 2 of the... (more)

2 Vintage Handmade Doilies Crochet Lace Table Doily Mats

Here are 2 vintage round handmade crochet lace table doilies that feature a variety of crochet lace work techniques. Vintage Lacy Table Doily Measurement: 12 1/4" x 12 1/4" Vintage Flower Table Doily Measurement: 12" x 12" Color: Cream On... (more)

Vintage Handmade Doilies Crochet Lace Pineapple Table Coaster Mat 3 pc Cream

Here are 3 vintage handmade table doilies and coaster which feature various crochet lace techniques and a pineapple pattern. There is a detailed crochet lace table doily with 2 different pineapple patterns and a scallop outer edge. Another croche... (more)

Vintage Handmade Doily Crochet Lace Pinwheel Star White Table Mat

Here is a vintage handmade round crochet lace table doily mat which feature a star pinwheel pattern. Vintage Crochet Lace Table Doily Measurement: 13 1/2" x 13 1/2" Color: White Condition: Very good condition. There are 2 black marks (se... (more)

Antique Lace Doily French Normandy Table Coaster Whitework Embroidery Needle Run

Here are 3 handmade antique French Normandy lace table coaster doilies. These antique lace table coaster doilies feature various techniques such as pieced laces, embroidered whitework, needle run embroidery, bobbin lace. The antique French Norman... (more)

Vintage Doilies Linen Cotton Bobbin Lace Cream Antique Table Mats Chemical Lace

Here are 2 antique vintage table doilies which feature bobbin lace and a chemical lace edging. There is a round antique vintage chemical lace edging table doily with a linen center. As well, a oval handmade lacy table doily. The antique vintage... (more)

Vintage Doily Coasters Linen Whitework Embroidered Filet lace Antique Table Mat

Here is a 6 pc antique vintage linen table doily & coaster collection. There is a chemical lace edging table doily, a filet and embroidered table coaster, 2 mosaic lace coasters and 2 punchwork lace coasters. Antique Vintage Table Coaster Measu... (more)

Vintage Doily Coasters Table Mats Needlelace Reticella Ecru Wheel Geometric 4 pc

Here is a 4 pc antique vintage linen and needle lace doily set. There are 3 round table coasters & 1 doily. The lace edging is a needle lace wheel and geometric pattern and all the table coasters and doily have a linen center. Antique Vintage Tab... (more)

Vintage Knitted Lace Doilies Table Centerpiece Pin Wheel White 6 pc

Here is a 6 pc vintage white knitted lace table centerpiece and doilies set. This set of knitted lace doilies and table centerpiece feature a pin wheel pattern. Vintage Knitted Lace Table Centerpiece Measurement: 18" x 17" Vintage Knitted Lace... (more)

Antique Lace Doilies Handmade Patchwork Table Doily Set

Here are 5 handmade antique net lace table doilies that have been created on net from small pieces of different types of laces. Some of the handmade laces features bobbin lace, Brussels Duchess lace, needlerun embroidery and whitework. Some of ... (more)

Antique Velvet Petit Point Doily Bronze Metallic Lace Edging

Here is a antique velvet doily featuring 2 tiny petit point flowers and a bronze metallic lace edging and metallic braid work. The metallic lace looks to be hand stitched to the velvet & perhaps could be unpicked to use as trim. Antique Velve... (more)

Antique Vintage Handmade Lace Doily Ecru Dresser Boudoir Table Mat

This is an antique vintage handmade crochet lace doily dresser boudoir table mat featuring a wheat ear & filet lace crochet pattern. Antique Vintage Handmade Crochet Lace Doily dresser boudoir table mat Measurement: 20" x 9 1/2" Antique Vintage... (more)

Antique Lace Placemat French Normandy Embroidered Whitework Table DoilyTray Mat

This is a detailed antique embroidered lace placemat / table tray mat featuring a whitework embroidered design. Table Placemat measurement: 16" x 10" The placematís embroidered area have thick satin stitch embroidery work in a flower and leaf mot... (more)

Antique Lace Doily Table Dresser Handmade Italian Tray Runner Placemat St Mark Crest

This antique Italian lace doily table dresser scarf tray placemat features embroidered whitework and handmade filet lace work. In addition, the antique lace doily table dresser tray runner has a unique figural lion with wings holding a sword (Lion of... (more)

Antique Lace Doily Angel Cream French Table Dresser Boudoir Mat Figural Cherub

Here is an antique French hand made lace table doily dresser boudoir mat. The hand made bobbin lace doily features a figural angel & flower design. Antique French Lace Doily Measurement: 12" x 5 1/2". Doily Color: cream Antique Bobbin Lace D... (more)

Antique Handmade Lace Placemat Table Doily Pieced Laces 1900's Ecru Boudoir Mat

A ecru lace placemat filled with handmade lace work. Circa 1900's. The antique lace placemat features: 3 tape lace flowers & tiny ring needle lace fillings, tambour & embroidery lace work, raised cord threadwork. The antique lace placemat ha... (more)

Antique Doilies Linen Victorian English Doily Coasters Silk Embroidered

Here are 2 pretty antique English Victorian linen table doilies/coasters. The antique table doilies have shimmery silk embroidery thread and a black/grey embroidery work. The ivory doily coasters are nicely finished off with a scallop bobbin lace e... (more)

Antique Doilies Doily Coasters Linen Mats Needle Lace Embroidered Fringed

This is a collection of 6 antique table coaster doilies in two different styles. There are 4 doily coasters that feature tape lace needle work and embroidery. There are 2 fringed table doily mats with hand embroidered centers. 4 Antique Tape Lace... (more)

3 Vintage Doilies Chinese Embroidered Bird Doily LINEN Mat White Blue

The 3 doilies coaster mats feature a bird crane embroidered motif. The embroidered crane motif on the vintage Chinese doily is done in medium blue and pale pastel blue shade of color. Vintage Chinese Doily Measurement: 5 1/2" in diameter (approxim... (more)

2 Vintage Doilies Chinese Embroidered Dragon Doily LINEN Mat White Blue

The 2 doilies coaster mats feature a dragon motif. The embroidered dragon motif on the vintage Chinese doily is done with dark blue and pastel blue embroidery thread. Vintage Chinese Doily Measurement: 5 1/2" in diameter (approximately). The whi... (more)

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