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Antique Victorian Fireplace Mantle Scarf Velvet Piano Cover Hand Painted Flowers

Here is a beautiful antique velvet fireplace mantle scarf or piano runner cover with a detailed hand painted floral flower folk arts and crafts pattern. The antique fireplace mantle scarf piano runner cover has exquisite hand painted flowers at e... (more)

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Antique Runner French Mantle Scarf Cutwork Linen Chimney Fireplace Shelf Cover

Here is a antique linen French mantle scarf fireplace shelf runner. The antique French mantle scarf fireplace shelf runner features: embroidered Richelieu cutwork - a fruit display of pears & apples in the center area of the French mantle scarf ... (more)

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Antique Lace Fireplace Mantle Scarf French Shelf Runner Cutwork Angels Griffin

This is an antique white French mantle scarf fireplace mantlepiece runner. The antique French mantle scarf fireplace chimney runner features: handmade linen lace cutwork of a Art Nouveau motif with a urn & trumpet flowers in the center area of t... (more)

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