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Antique Lace Pillow Sham Vintage Pillow Cover Crochet Roses Cluny Filet Cream

Here is a lovely handmade lace small round antique vintage pillow sham cover which features a variety of handmade and machine made laces. These lace pieces have been been hand sewed together in a patchwork fashion French Normandy style to create... (more)

Antique Pillow Sham Cover Cupids Angels Embroidered Italian Filet Lace Cutwork

Here is a lovely Italian small pillow sham cover which features a filet lace center with cupids angels. There is lots of embroidered whitework and cutwork. The pillow sham cover has a tiny lace trim around the 4 sides. Measurement 17" x 11 1/2"... (more)

Antique Vintage Pillowcase Pillow Shams Set Linen Embroidered Flowers Cream

Here is an antique vintage pillowcase pillow shams set. The matching pillowcase pillow shams feature embroidered flowers and leaf designs in each of the corners of the sham. The pillowcase pillow shams also feature a thread work design toward... (more)

Antique Vintage Pillowcase Shams Set Cotton Embroidered Figural Angel Birds Flowers

Here is an antique vintage Italian pillowcase shams set. The matching pillowcase shams feature figural embroidered images of flowers, birds and an angel. Also, embroidered on each pillowcase sham are the words SOGNI FELICI which means Happy Dre... (more)

Antique French Pillow Sham White Hand Embroidered Flowers Leaf Raised Padded

This is an antique French linen pillow sham that features hand embroidered work and a linen bobbin lace edging. The antique pillow sham has a beautiful raised padded flowers and leaf motif. Antique French Linen Pillow Sham Measurement: 21" x... (more)

Antique French Pillow Sham White Embroidered Cutwork Richelieu Monogram E G

This is an antique French linen pillow sham that features hand embroidered Richelieu cutwork. The edging on all four sides of the antique pillow sham has various flowers motifs The linen pillow sham has a E G monogram in the top left corner of the ... (more)

Vintage Cotton Embroidered Pillow Layover Sham Pink Flowers R G Monogram

Here is a 103" long vintage cotton pillow sham layover that features a hand done lace edging and a embroidered RG monogram with a flower design. The hand done lace edge is around the 3 sides of the vintage cotton embroidered pillow layover pillow s... (more)

Antique French Linen Bed Sheet Hand Embroidered Art Deco E M Monogram

This is an antique French linen bed sheet with skilled embroidered workmanship. Antique French linen Sheet Measurement: 87" x 123". Embroidered Art Deco Monogram: 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" in diameter. This linen antique French bed sheet features: han... (more)

Antique White French Sheet Hand Embroidered Cutwork Richelieu Monogram A M T

The antique French trousseau top bed sheet has elaborate detailed hand embroidered Cutwork Richelieu lace, handmade lace edging & monogrammed initials A M T. The workmanship on the French Trousseau top bed sheet is so lovely you may want to use t... (more)

Antique Italian Pillow Layover Shams Cutwork Figural Embroidered Angel Man Woman

This set of 2 Italian antique pillow layover shams features skilled hand embroidered cutwork & figural images of angels cupids & a man & woman. There is also an elaborate flower design around the 4 edges of the antique pillow layover sham. An... (more)

Vintage Pillowcases Set His Hers Hand Painted Humorous Ma Paw Funny sayings

This is a humorous vintage set of pillowcases featuring hand painted bear images his (Paw) hers (Ma). One bear pillowcase reads Quiet Please! Gone for the Winter. The other bear pillowcase reads Wake Up Pa, It's Spring. Vintage Pillowcases Measuremen... (more)

Vintage Pillow Shams Covers Cotton Off White 1 Lace Insert 1 Plain

Here are 2 vintage off white pillow shams covers. The vintage pillow sham features a lace insert in one of the sham corners. The other pillow sham is plain with no decoration. Vintage Pillow Sham Cover Measurement: 26 1/2" x 19 1/2" approx. Th... (more)

Vintage Pillow Sham Cover Square Pillowcase French Metis 29" x 27 1/2"

Here is a vintage French white square pillow sham cover. The material is Metis which is cotton combined with linen fibers. Overall Vintage Pillow Sham Cover Measurement: 29" x 27 1/2" approx. Inner Pillow Insert area: 25" x 24" The vintage... (more)

Vintage BED SHEET 2 pillowcases Monogram P C cross stitch Cotton Full bedsheet

Here is a vintage Bed SHEET and 2 pillowcases. The flat cotton bedsheet features an embroidered blue cross stitch monogram of P C at the top center edge of the bed sheet. Sheet size: Full Vintage Cotton Bed Sheet Measurements: 99" length x 87... (more)

French Linen Sheet Antique White French Bedsheet Embroidered Monogram G C

This is an antique French linen bed sheet with skilled embroidered workmanship. This pure linen antique bed sheet features: hand embroidered raised padded satin stitch G C monogram & hand embroidered flower & leaf pattern among the 2 monogram inita... (more)

Antique Sheet French Linen Cotton Metis Monogram C H Beige Center Seam 82" x 113

Here is a antique French linen sheet. This French antique bed sheet features: a hand sewn center seam down the length of the sheet; a tiny 2 letter monogram at the far side of the sheet. Sheet Measurement: 82" x 113" approximately This antique... (more)

Antique Pillow Sham Cover Cotton White R C Monogram Hand Crochet Lace Insert

Here is a antique white pillow sham cover featuring hand crochet lace filet detailing & a embroidered R C monogram. Antique Pillow Sham Cover Measurement: 30" x 19". The hand done crochet work is at the top of the antique pillow sham & below thi... (more)

Antique French Sheet White Bedsheet Cotton Linen Metis Needle Lace Monogram E L

This is an antique French bedsheet with great detailing of needle lace, cutwork, embroidered & drawn ladder work. This detailed hand done work in all in the bottom portion of the bedsheet. There are 5 handmade needle lace medallions on the ant... (more)

Antique French Sheet Linen Embroidered Lace Edging Monogram B C 94"

This is an antique cream French linen dowry sheet with an Art Deco hand embroidered B C monogram & a handmade crochet lace edging. Antique French Sheet Measurement: 94" x 115" approx. Antique French Sheet Embroidered area: thick padded satin st... (more)

Antique French Sheet Cutwork Monogram B P Richelieu Linen Metis White 85" x 134"

This is a 1900's antique French linen bed sheet which has a hand embroidered script monogram of B P & Richelieu cutwork. The antique French linen bed sheet features Richelieu cutwork, pulled threadwork, hand done embroidered work B P monogram Ant... (more)

Antique Italian Cotton Sheet Hand Embroidered Angels Cherubs Whitework Italian words Buon Riposo

Here is a great antique Italian cotton bed sheet. The antique Italian sheet features skilled hand embroidery workmanship in whitework embroidery floss along the turn down area relief of the sheet. The turn down relief on the bed sheet is 22" deep & ... (more)

US$ 300  Available Apr 14

Vintage Hand Embroidered Sheet Birds Flowers Whitework Cream Cotton Bedsheet

This is a unused vintage hand embroidered bed sheet with a detailed floral whitework design & hand done drawn ladder work. The hand done embroidered work is along the bottom area of the vintage bed sheet with birds, flowers & a ribbon motif. The ... (more)

US$ 155  Available Apr 14

Antique Pillow Cover Layover Sham Embroidered Figural Angel Dragon Cotton Cream

This antique pillow cover layover sham features skilled hand embroidered work & drawn work. The pillow layover sham cloth sits on top of an existing pillow. The pillow cover sham layover is a single flat piece of cloth which does not have a backing... (more)

US$ 50  Available Apr 14

Antique Linen Sheet Monogram V S French Cotton Metis Crochet Lace Edging White

This Metis Linen Cotton Mix French sheet has skilled hand crochet border edging & hand embroidered workmanship. Antique French Metis Linen Cotton Mix Bed Sheet Measurement: 89" x 134" approx. Antique French Metis Linen Cotton Mix sheet Info: ... (more)

US$ 170  Available Apr 14

Antique Italian Sheet Embroidered Cutwork White Buon Riposo Cotton Bedsheet

Here is a great antique Italian cotton bed sheet. The antique bed sheet has embroidered the Italian words "Buon Riposo" which means "Good Sleep or Rest". Antique Italian Embroidered Sheet Measurement: 88 wide x 104 long The Antique Italian ... (more)

US$ 160  Available Apr 14

Antique French Sheet Metis Embroidered Flowers Ladder work Monogram N B

Here is an antique vintage monogrammed French Metis sheet. The antique vintage sheet features skilled needle work techniques & hand embroidered workmanship such as: raised padded satin stitch; french knots in the flowers; burdon dots along the t... (more)

US$ 185  Available Apr 14

Antique French Sheet Metis Embroidered Drawnwork Monogram S N 80" x 108"

This is a lovely antique Metis French sheet featuring hand done flower embroidered work, hand embroidered S N monogram with dots & hand done drawn ladder (jour) work. Antique French Metis Sheet Measurement: 80" x 108" The monogram initials S N a... (more)

US$ 175  Available Apr 14

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