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Vintage Chinese Embroidered Panel Table Runner Flowers Border

This is a vintage Chinese silk embroidery textile panel table runner featuring a variety of flower designs with an embroidered border around the 4 sides of the Chinese textile panel. Vintage Chinese Embroidered Panel measurements: 21 1/2" x 11". S... (more)

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Vintage Tapestry Panel European Scenic Landscape Table Runner 20" Square

This vintage tapestry features a fabulous view of a European architectural landscape countryside setting. The vintage tapestry has soft muted colors. It is nicely woven and features a fringe on the top and bottom edges. Vintage Tapestry Measureme... (more)

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Vintage Tapestry Italian European Medieval Night Scene Couples Lady Man Romantic

This vintage Italian woven wall hanging tapestry panel features a fabulous view of a romantic lovers courting scene with couples of ladies and gentlemen. The tapestry scene is at night with a quarter moon out and in the garden. In the vintage tapes... (more)

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Vintage Italian Tapestry Figural Panel Dancers Ball MASQUERADE Women Men

This vintage Italian woven tapestry features a fabulous view of a romantic masquerade scene with ladies and gentlemen. The vintage tapestry scene is at night and is called "Night Scene". There is a partial paper label that gives the name of the ... (more)

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Vintage English Brocade Tapestry Church Panel Runner Mat Silver Threads

This is a vintage English brocade tapestry. This vintage brocade tapestry was used for a church podium lectern panel runner mat. Vintage English Brocade Tapestry Panel Measurement: 25" x 15". The vintage tapestry panel has a fringe at the botto... (more)

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Antique Tapestry Floor Runner Wall Display Panel Plush Red FLOWERS 48"

Here is a colorful vibrant antique vintage tapestry floor runner. Antique Vintage Tapestry Floor Rug Runner Measurements: 48" x 49" This tapestry floor rug runner is a soft plush fabric with a velvet like nap. When you run your hand across ... (more)

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Antique Table Runner Sampler Mat Handmade Woven Linen Wool 53" x 14" Reversible

Antique Handmade Sampler Panel Table Runner Reversible This is an antique handmade Sampler panel table runner with a woven detailed pattern of oriental medallions, flowers & intricate motifs. The antique handmade sampler panel table runner design... (more)

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