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Antique French Baby Coiffe Bonnet Embroidered Whitework Lace work Dolls

Here is a gorgeous antique French baby child Coiffe bonnet headdress made with thin white cotton and adorned with embroidered flowers and lacework and a ruffle at the front. There are ties on either side as well as two tiny ties at the back. Parts... (more)

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Antique Cream Silk Piano Shawl 91" x 91" Plain with Fringe

Here is a lovely plain cream silk piano shawl with a fringe around the 4 sides. Antique Silk Piano Shawl Measurements: 91" x 91" including fringe. Antique Silk Piano Shawl Condition: Excellent condition. 2 very tiny stains. The Antique Silk ... (more)

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Antique Black Lace Triangular Head Cover Scarf 44" x 13"

This is an antique homemade black lace triangular head cover scarf. I feel that it is homemade because the head cover scarf was created using lace and then applying a lace edging at the top and at the bottom edge. I can see that it has been hand st... (more)

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Antique Cream Silk Scarf Triangle with Fringe Canton Hand Embroidered 32" x 14"

This is an antique cream silk scarf triangle with a 3 sided fringe. The antique cream silk scarf has a beautiful Canton Hand Embroidered flower motif. Antique Silk Scarf Triangle Measurement: 32" x 14" silk area only. Fringe about 3" from top of... (more)

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Vintage Wool SHAWL Scarf Square 39" Flower Floral Pattern and tassels

Here is a vintage square 39 shawl head scarf which features a floral pink flowers pattern. Around the 4 corners of the scarf is a tassel edging. Measurement: 39" x 39" (approx.) Condition: The shawl looks to have been well cared. I saw no obv... (more)

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Antique Victorian Mourning Black Cape Capelet Mantle Silk ribbon Chenille glass beads

This is a black Victorian mantle / short cape capelet. This antique Victorian mourning black mantle cape capelet features silk chenille tassels and beading. The antique black cape capelet is constructed of delicate silk ribbons on the interior w... (more)

US$ 59  Available

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