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Antique Black Chantilly Lace Trim Edging Scallop sewing craft dolls 12" x 5 6/8"

This is an antique Victorian black Chantilly lace trim features a floral flower pattern through the lace net and a leaf leaves motif at the bottom. Antique Black Chantilly Lace Trim Measurement: 12" x 5 6/8" Condition: The antique Victorian b... (more)

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Antique Black Beaded Trim Lot 18 pc Beading Bead Tassel Rhinestone costume craft

Here is a 18 pc lot of antique Victorian black beaded trims and other assorted plastic and rhinestone pieces. The 18 pc set of antique Victorian beaded applique trim and assorted trims would be suited for crafts & art projects. Antique Black Be... (more)

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Antique Black Beaded Trim Beaded Flowers Bugle Glass beads Beading on Net 3 pc

This is a 3 pc set of antique net black beaded trim. The beading on the antique net black trim is tiny shiny glass bugle beads. The antique black beaded trim would be lovely for costume re-creation. There are 20 plus beaded flowers among the 3 pie... (more)

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Antique French Silk Black Lace Trim Art Nouveau Fine Cobweb Net 30" x 8 1/2"

Here is an antique French silk black lace trim which features a Art Nouveau & cobweb like geometric pattern. The French antique silk black lace trim has a delicate fine cobweb geometric pattern at the top of the lace. The lower part of the F... (more)

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Antique Vintage French Black Net Lace Trim Art Deco Geometric 36 x 2"

Here is a French antique net black trim featuring an Art Deco geometric corded raised design. The net pattern has a cord pattern through the top of the lace of small and large geometric circles. The bottom of the net lace has a cord pattern of ... (more)

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Vintage Black Net Lace Trim Wide 9" x 20" Double Scallop Edge Leaf Flowers

This is a 1970's wide vintage black net lace trim that features a leaf and flower pattern as well as a double scallop edge. The vintage black net lace trim has a slight shine on the inside of the leaf & also the flower. Vintage Black Net Lace ... (more)

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Antique Beaded Trim Black Jet Bugle Beads 37" Victorian Edwardian Wide Edging

This antique beaded trim black jet bugle beads edging is wide at 2 1/2". Circa 1900's-1920's Victorian Edwardian mourning costume antique trim. Good for trim embellishment, costuming & arts and crafts. Antique Beaded Black Trim Wide Glass Edgin... (more)

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Vintage Black Lace Trim 36" x 1/2" tiny picots edging

This is a vintage black lace trim with a design through the center of the lace trim. The vintage black lace trim has tiny picots at the bottom edging. Vintage Black Lace Trim Measurements: 36" x 1/2". Color: black. Material: Synthetic Vint... (more)

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Vintage Black Gold Trim Edging 21" x 1 1/2"

This is a vintage black and gold trim with a geometric design throughout the trim edging. Vintage Black Gold Trim Edging Measurements: 21" x 1 1/2". Color: black & gold. Material: Synthetic Vintage Black Gold Trim Edging Condition. Unused.... (more)

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Antique Lace Trim Black Insertion Net Edging Embroidered Flowers Dolls Sewing

Here are two antique black lace trims. The black insertion lace has machine embroidery on net in the center area of the trim. The antique vintage lace trim is finished off on both edges with tiny loop decoration. Antique Vintage Lace Trim Measure... (more)

Antique Black Lace Trim Cotton 36" x 2 1/2" Scallop Edging

Here is an antique cotton black lace trim featuring a detailed pattern through the lace trim & a scallop bottom edging. Condition: The antique black lace trim is in very good used condition. The antique black lace trim has some stray threads alon... (more)

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