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Antique Napkins White Linen Damask French Monogram L F Butterfly Dragonfly Leaf

Antique Napkins White Linen Damask French Monogram L F Butterfly Dragonfly Leaf (L&T-353)

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This set of 9 antique white French linen napkins featuring a damask nature & foliage pattern.

The linen napkins have a padded satin stitch embroidered monogram initials L F with embroidered berries done in red embroidery thread.

Napkin Measurement: 35 x 29 1/2" approx. (Some are larger by 1/2" and some are smaller by 1/2")

Circa early 1900's.

Damask Pattern:

In the center area of the napkins are damask images of dragonflies, a single bird image and butterflies. Around the edges of the napkin is a deep foliage damask pattern of branches, leaf patterns and flowers. There is also a stripe border damask pattern at the extreme edge of the napkin along the 4 sides of the napkin.

The 9 piece set has been beautifully decorated with a monogram of the initials "LF" in the center area of each napkin. The embroidered initials of L and F are each 2" high and 1 1/2" wide (together the combined space is 3 1/2" wide. The monogram features a white raised padded stitch of a L and F in white embroidery thread. The napkin has then been further embellished with a red embroidered outline around each of the initials and a red berries motif intertwined around each of the monograms.

These napkins were purchased from France.

Color: White.

The napkins have 2 selvage edges and 2 hand hemmed edges.

Table Napkin Condition: The set of 9 napkins are in good pre-owned condition. There are no mended napkins however there are natural occurring slubs in the napkin fibers (see photos). Also, there are several single threads standing up within the 9 pc. set. (Please see photos)

2 of the napkins have a light golden stain. 1 napkin has a tiny cluster of dirt storage marks. As these napkins have been stored away they will need to be washed and pressed by the buyer. A very slight variation in color to a few of the napkins (a creamy white).

Please note: This item will be mailed to include insurance. No in/care of and no forwarding address please, must be confirmed address. Thank you.

1280 grams , 36 cm x 36 cm x 6 cm

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