Special Request

Step 1: Send Your Request

Whatever you want, one item or many, put it in an email to

If you're not sure, if you have any questions, just ask... I'm happy to help!

Step 2: Get Your Invoice

Once you've decided what to buy, I will figure out the total price plus shipping and handling and send you an email.

I will also send you an Invoice Number you can use in the next step.

Step 3: Send Payment

You can pay by credit card, or you can use your PayPal account, or you can send a money order.

If you are using a credit card or PayPal, fill in the fields below and click on one of the buttons:

For shipping to the USA:

Invoice Number: Total plus Shipping & Handling:

For shipping to Canada:

Invoice Number: Total plus Shipping & Handling:

Step 4: Receive Your Shipment

I'll send your shipment as soon as I receive payment!