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8 pc Vintage Placemats Set Lace Leaf Flower Cream Table Mats Cotton

This 8 pc vintage cotton placemat set features lace work of a leaf and flower pattern. The lace placemats are in good condition. One vintage placemat has a small hole. Set of 8 vintage cotton lace placemats. Color: cream. 2 of the lace placem... (more)

US$ 59  Available Jul 1

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Rare Vintage Sheer Piņa Hand Embroidered Placemats Set 12 Unique Different Scene

This is a gorgeous 12 pc set of Vintage table placemats in rare Philippine Piņa cloth. Each of the Piņa table placemat has a unique hand embroidered cultural scene in the bottom area. All have beautifully fine embroidery work of flowers, swags and ... (more)

US$ 595  Available Jul 1

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Vintage Lace Placemats Needlelace Reticella Acorns 6 Table Mat Set Cotton Cream

Here is a set of 6 cream antique vintage lace table placemats featuring Reticella needlelace work. The vintage lace placemat design is of figural acorns, wheel circles and a flower shape. Vintage Table Placemat Measurement: 14 1/2" x 9 1/2" Qua... (more)

US$ 75  Available Jul 1

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Vintage Placemats Linen Embroidered Set 8 pc Italian Punto Antico Drawn work

Here is a 8 pc vintage linen placemat set. The 8 pc vintage placemat set features really beautiful detailed Italian Punto Antico drawn thread work and embroidered work. Vintage Italian Linen Embroidered Punto Antico Placemat Measurement: 15 1/2" ... (more)

US$ 110  Available Jul 1

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Vintage Italian Linen Placemat Set 8 pc Reticella Punto Antico Embroidered Taupe

Here is a 8 pc vintage linen placemats set with beautiful Reticella needlelace inserts. Also, embroidered work and Italian Punto Antico drawn work. The linen placemats are a very fine flax handkerchief linen. The edging is a taupe color. The li... (more)

US$ 110  Available Jul 1

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Antique Lace Placemats Set 12 pc Handmade Bobbin European Idrija Idrian Ecru

Here are 12 antique vintage bobbin lace placemats that feature a very detailed pattern throughout the placemats and its edges. This I believe may be handmade European lace Idrija (Idrian) bobbin lace. The bobbin lace is very fine, light and eleg... (more)

US$ 325  Available Jul 1

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Antique Lace Placemats Set 12 pc Handmade Bobbin Figural Man Table Mat Ivory

Here are 12 handmade antique lace table placemats featuring: Bobbin lace design with needlepoint fillings figural bobbin lace man at each end of the placemat. 8 Antique Figural Lace Placemats measurement: 14" x 9 2/8". Of the 8 lace placemats th... (more)

US$ 425  Available Jul 1

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4 Vintage Madeira Organdy Placemats White Hand Embroidered Applique Window Pane

This is a vintage Madeira organdy placemats set of 4. The vintage organdy Madeira placemats have a honeycomb window pane design with beautiful leaf applique and hand embroidered work. Nicely finished with a scalloped edge all around. The 4 pc orga... (more)

US$ 119  Available Jul 1

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Vintage Linen Placemats 12 pc set Madeira Embroidered Flowers Cutwork Beige

This vintage linen 12 pc set of vintage linen placemats features embroidered work of flowers and cutwork likely Madeira. Placemat measurement: 15 6/8" x 8 1/2" approx. Quantity: Set of 12 vintage linen embroidered cutwork placemats. I have i... (more)

US$ 48  Available Jul 1

2 Antique Vintage Placemats Table Dresser Doilies Hand Embroidered Art Deco Set

Here is a set of 2 antique vintage oval placemats or table dresser scarf doilies that have been hand embroidered in a Art Deco motif. Measurement: 20" x 11". Material: Cotton Condition: Excellent condition.... (more)

US$ 22  Available Jul 1

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